Providing you with the apt assistance you need at home

Our goal in this service is to ensure the health and safety of our clients by creating a conducive environment for healing and recovery. We also assist them in performing and accomplishing various home tasks while promoting their self-reliance and independence.

Services we offer:

  • Routine housework including general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, ironing, making beds, cleaning ovens/stoves and china cabinets
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Monitoring and motivating regular diet plans
  • Transporting clients to social activities and appointments
  • Running errands and shopping for clients or transporting clients to carry out these activities
  • Providing respite and palliative care
  • Serving as companions and participating in friendly socialization activities
  • Caring for plants
  • Monitoring clients’ safety, comfort, and wellness
  • Making home visit(s)

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A LovingParents representative will respond to any questions and provide additional information about our services and in-home assessments.
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